Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sometimes you get bored...  the same indoor working on the "same" things with the same three jumps just sitting there.   Sometimes... so I use my iPhone to ride to the music, letting the tempo of the song just take the gait.  It works... and, so does the timer assuring that I make it to 45 minutes.

Today was a joy...  I got to chat with friend for just a bit as she finished her ride and I warmed up into mine.  Then I was alone again...  working on light and fluffy, more bend, more hind end, up-up-up, and {{{sigh}}} working on improving MY canter transitions (if you ask correctly Sug gives them correctly).  Kind of our... blah, blah, blah.

Then the Defiant Mare entered the indoor...  or should I say -- the Angry Mare's domain!  The Defiant Mare knew that another Alpha was in her presence.  She became magnificent ... bigger than her 16+hands... her coat was black as night and so shiny that she would not be missed.  Her day was long-lining with the Master...  yet, she would not let the Angry Mare think that she was not in charge.

The Angry Mare became a ball of fire under me.  Her trot got loftier and more forward.  It was exhilerating...  The two of them were separated by the line of jumps but they knew every step each took. 

I was feeling strong and powerful myself...  who wouldn't feel the same riding that much power.  I decided to challenge my riding and her attention by going "large".  As we approached, the Defiant Mare looked at her - right in the eye. 

OOOO...  that made Sugar so angry.  Like a three year old child,  she stomped, tried to spin, switched leads three times and I rode it out. 

It was fabulous... and kind of funny!  Mares - sometimes you hate them but damn, you gotta love them!

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