Sunday, January 16, 2011


Its pony camp time and we all arrive... Sooo excited for a weekend of winter jumping... frigid temps, warm breathy barns and our bodies wrapped thickly in fleece, all in the company of eventers.
The horses are sound, strong and it just seems effortless - the season is just 4.5 months away! Giggling and dreaming... winter jumping in the company of horse girls... the possibilities are endless...
We stay up too late. Who wants to go to bed when there are courses to relive, a season to plan... Not one of us talk about the perfect dressage test... Winter jumping... summer cross country... ahhhhhh!
We get up early to get in some barn work, a Dunkin' run... then, let the jumping begin!
I'm still on the injured reserve - no jumping for me. Yet, I feel those turns and the power surging up over the jumps... It makes me whole. I love my pinto pony. Four and a half months, the possibilities are endless... Let the games begin!

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